CV-3 USS Saratoga

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PictionID:38275608 - Catalog:AL-135B 007 CV-3 USS Saratoga c32 - Filename:AL-135B 007 CV-3 USS Saratoga c32.tif - This image is from a photo album donated to the Museum by JL Highfill which includes images taken in the Pacific during the Second World War-----------PLEASE TAG this image with any information you know about it, so that we can permanently store this data with the original image file in our Digital Asset Management System.-----------------SOURCE INSTITUTION: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive


Owner: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 4522
jlhighfill worldwartwo flightdeck ship warship aircraftcarrier unitedstatesnavy usnavy usn aviation navalaviation usssaratogacv3 usssaratoga cv3 lexingtonclass

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    • 24/Sep/2014 02:15:09

    Great shot!