[General view, Ålesund, Norway] (LOC)

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Where: Kyrkjehaugen 96, 6017 Ålesund, Norway

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When: 01 January 1890

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[General view, Ålesund, Norway]

[between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900].

1 photomechanical print : photochrom, color.

Title from the Detroit Publishing Co., Catalogue J--foreign section. Detroit, Mich. : Detroit Publishing Company, 1905.
Print no. 7079.
Forms part of: Landscape and marine views of Norway in the Photochrom print collection.


Format: Photochrom prints--Color--1890-1900.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print

Part Of: Landscape and marine views of Norway (DLC) 2001699563

More information about the Photochrom Print Collection is available at hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.pgz

Persistent URL: hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ppmsc.06103

Call Number: LOT 13432, no. 001 [item]


Owner: The Library of Congress
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 65801
libraryofcongress dc:identifier=httphdllocgovlocpnpppmsc06103 xmlns:dc=httppurlorgdcelements11 norway village houses dock roads ålesund photochrom byparken molja godøy hessa skarbøvik moljegapet aalesund aspevågen aspøya nørvøy sukkertoppen brosundet color colorized norwegianvillage commons:event=commonground2009 peninsula waterfrontcity

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  • profile


    • 09/Jan/2009 21:08:28

    Correct spelling is Ålesund, with a little circle on top of the A...

  • profile


    • 09/Jan/2009 23:58:59

    Hi, this photo is being discussed in one of the projects in the Flickr Commons group, and we'd love to have this added to the group pool!

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    • 10/Jan/2009 00:27:57

    Archaically it is also spelled Aalesund. This is before the great city fire of 1904.

  • profile

    smoggy achiever

    • 10/Jan/2009 14:53:59

    Modern Ålesund: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/hypothetic/1513750491/]

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    • 11/Jan/2009 20:53:23

    My grandmother lived in this town and she was born in 1901. She were very proud of Ålesund. If you visit Ålesund you have to go to the spot named Fjellstua. It may give you a marvolus view. There was a terrible fire in 1904 and Ålesund needed help to been built up. Keiser Wilhelm from Germany was very keen of the town and gave us a great help. One of the main streets is today named the Keiser Wilhelm street. However, as we know, in 1940 the Germans went back, but now as enimies.

  • profile


    • 12/Jan/2009 02:10:17

    My dad was born here and my husband and I were fortunate to have traveled there 4 years ago to stay with relatives. The town is breathtaking and we did go up to Fjellstua (the food wasn't being served there it was early March). Jokki---your image is completely breathtaking!! I have the same view in a pic that I made in a 30X40 canvas for me....LOVE this view!! We have relative on Molde as well.

  • profile

    The Library of Congress

    • 12/Jan/2009 02:56:46

    Oops. The diacritical mark turned into other characters while loading the descriptions; fixed to say Ålesund.

  • profile

    color line

    • 12/Jan/2009 18:42:32

    Ålesund today in video vimeo.com/2638024

  • profile

    Eivind M.

    • 12/Jan/2009 21:18:24

    How accurate is the dating of the photos? In this case it would be easy to see if the city is old or new - after the 1904 city fire. Doesen't the houses look a bit jugend, like they were done when being rebuilt?

  • profile


    • 13/Jan/2009 01:31:07

    The print has a P.Z. number of 7079, which means it was published in 1897and likely taken in the same year, as can be seen from other Scandinavian prints with 7000 numbers which can be accurately dated: Stockholm World's Fair [http://www.flickr.com/photos/trialsanderrors/3111010166/] S.A. Andree's Balloon Flight [http://www.flickr.com/photos/trialsanderrors/2750590073/]

  • profile

    Robert Myrene

    • 13/Jan/2009 15:00:37

    frosk1984, there were no wooden buildings left in the center after the fire. All new buildings were concrete (and art noveau style)

  • profile

    Henk van der Eijk

    • 15/Jan/2009 22:51:00

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Historical Gardens, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    Q8.Wolf ~ No Longer

    • 26/Jan/2009 16:29:18

    so lovely ~

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    • 01/Feb/2009 11:15:43

    yes so lovely

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    • 18/Feb/2009 11:53:04

    O lugar dos sonhos de qualquer sonhador mágico! Magnifico, pacífico, tudo, tudo!

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    • 18/Feb/2009 14:28:26


  • profile

    Cleberson Alarcon

    • 26/Feb/2009 18:33:03

    Beauty place !

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    • 26/Feb/2009 20:21:25

    Wow! A really beautiful town! Great angle!

  • profile

    ali xpress

    • 27/Feb/2009 19:53:11

    You get gold star

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    • 04/Mar/2009 22:44:27

    very very nice scenary!! You got a wonderful angle and composition: I love the bending curving streets on the bottom. Beautiful colors and perspective sensation too!

  • profile


    • 08/Mar/2009 16:23:54

    Hallo Salam kenal

  • profile

    Guðný Rós

    • 10/Mar/2009 10:35:14

    wooooow! this is so beautiful :}

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    • 20/Mar/2009 21:27:01

    maravilhoso!!! Parabéns

  • profile

    Javier Pimentel

    • 28/Mar/2009 15:22:41

    It Looks like a place drawn out from a Tolkien's Book.

  • profile

    José Moraes

    • 01/Apr/2009 23:18:42

    great shot!!!

  • profile

    misty lake

    • 04/Apr/2009 12:23:53

    Lovley <3

  • profile

    J Jamali

    • 11/Apr/2009 05:15:24

    great !!!!

  • profile

    Sandra Rajkov

    • 17/Apr/2009 14:29:00

    Wow, stunning photo my friend !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!

  • profile

    mani london

    • 24/Apr/2009 11:25:42

    Nice one...

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    • 04/May/2009 00:43:13

    How beautiful -- it looks a bit like a labyrinth.

  • profile

    Malak Alrashed

    • 06/May/2009 17:40:50

    How Classic .. I wish I could be there ..

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    • 09/May/2009 20:52:40

    wonderfulllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • profile

    Saurabh Deoras Photography

    • 10/May/2009 16:35:30

    wonderful composition and perspective.

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    • 12/May/2009 20:03:26

    awesome work, loved the old looking!

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    • 12/May/2009 20:20:11

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I feel like I'm part of a book I read., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    janis kwasney [off/on]

    • 24/May/2009 16:22:49

    Magnificent... seen in Explore.

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    • 27/May/2009 13:29:21

    wow! some friends of mine live there!

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    • 27/May/2009 16:21:23

    very beautiful place....

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    • 28/May/2009 19:35:30

    How beautiful and serene this place looks. maybe someday....

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    • 03/Jun/2009 17:32:24

    so awsome! I am going to spend a week in july in Ålesund!!! this seems good!!!

  • profile

    dizzy bulb

    • 07/Jun/2009 04:59:58

    this reminds me of the wizard of oz and the yellow brick road.

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    • 07/Jun/2009 05:44:44

    amazing!!! =)

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    • 14/Jun/2009 21:48:23

    This photograph is part of the Indicommons.org then-and-now feature Ålesund, Norway. indicommons.org badge

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    Darien Chin

    • 22/Jun/2009 19:49:32

    how gorgeous!

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    the bonnie blues

    • 23/Jun/2009 05:46:34

    very beautiful! ; )

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    • 01/Jul/2009 12:12:25

    Stunning view !

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    • 06/Jul/2009 19:19:59


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    giant page

    • 12/Jul/2009 20:45:53

    N!Ce ~

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    various orange

    • 12/Jul/2009 20:49:34


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    • 17/Jul/2009 22:16:12

    nice historical reminder

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    • 01/Aug/2009 15:33:11

    You are cordially Invited to our group ☆Creative Photographer on Flickr☆ P1,C1 and Invite 1 of your choice

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    • 06/Aug/2009 16:33:11

    it changed so much! I would love to visit it someday.

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    abiding deer

    • 19/Aug/2009 21:13:37

    very nice

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    Thạch Minh Trang

    • 29/Aug/2009 10:54:45

    like it!

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    fanatical robin

    • 04/Sep/2009 16:36:44

    Nice shot, and processing.

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    © T H A M E R al-MANEA }~

    • 07/Sep/2009 16:55:38

    Just beautiful .. comment me , ^_* --------------------------------

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    • 27/Sep/2009 08:58:32

    awesome ! : ))

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    • 27/Sep/2009 14:11:48

    Lovely and inspired!

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    Elizabeth Gmaz Photography

    • 05/Oct/2009 17:28:35


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    • 13/Oct/2009 02:09:58

    Such a gorgeous shot. I'd love to visit this place.

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    unbiased dime

    • 20/Oct/2009 19:27:15

    Mto interessante a foto!

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    Philippe Doucet ツ Photography

    • 24/Oct/2009 10:26:25

    Une vue spectaculaire que j'aime énormément!

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    • 01/Nov/2009 14:03:37

    increiblemente bella!! clear and beautiful!! well done, good shot!!!

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    rude billy

    • 05/Nov/2009 05:03:03

    awesome......nice shot!!!

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    • 11/Nov/2009 07:46:01


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    z.unit photography

    • 19/Nov/2009 19:07:14

    Stunning capture!c

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    Carlos Vieira.

    • 24/Nov/2009 11:03:16

    Bela paisagem urbana, parabéns.

  • profile

    marina bo

    • 29/Nov/2009 14:34:25

    preciosa vista y precioso lugar! saludos

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    • 15/Jan/2010 05:16:51

    Love it....

  • profile

    Sarah Sobhani

    • 01/Feb/2010 18:51:30

    It's a great photo, more people should visit Norway, it really is a beautiful country..

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    Gréti photo

    • 16/Apr/2010 15:04:55

    Soo nice!:)

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    Soleil is me.

    • 29/Apr/2010 13:50:09

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    • 03/May/2010 18:09:57

    nice pic!

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    Denice Ortega

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    • 19/Jun/2010 11:46:31

    You are invited to add this fab photo to The Daily Post

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    Kostic Milan

    • 30/Jun/2010 09:56:16

    very nice... Kostic Photography - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

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    • 19/Jul/2010 12:10:54

    Beautifully! ))

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    • 25/Jul/2010 21:42:57

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Norway by tips4travels, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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    • 06/Aug/2010 19:02:15

    Magnificent. I don't understand why people congratulate someone for posting a found image. Please explain.

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    Calypso Cruises

    • 09/Sep/2010 17:04:56


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    • 07/Jul/2011 16:15:40

    Marvellous old photo [ via 'Historical Gardens' group on flickriver  --Anguskirk ]

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    • 09/Aug/2012 19:23:44


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    Pete Tillman

    • 05/Oct/2013 21:02:13

    Nice! Added to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%85lesund Interesting how little the overview has changed in 100+ years. Thanks for posting these!

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    • 23/Jan/2014 03:01:13

    The National Library of Norway has a postcard of Ålesund, dated 1904. Fra Aalesund efter Branden

4 years ago a contributor from London, United Kingdom suggested this image location is 62.4674, 6.31854

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