Victoria Castle East Gate, Killiney, Co. Dublin

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Where: East Grove, Vico Rd, Scalpwilliam, Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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When: Unknown

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Had I not seen the caption on this image I would have thought that I was looking at a castle in Spain or some far land! A beautiful scene that is nearly on the doorstep of Library Towers! Killiney has changed a wee bit since this shot was taken by Mr. French...

Sharon.corbet confirms that the castle has also changed a bit since - at least in name. Now called Manderley Castle and owned by musician Enya, Victoria Castle was built in the 1840s by QC and MP Robert Warren. O Mac suggests that it was captured before before the early 1880s (when Killiney railway station was built and would've been visible in the middle distance, as it is in the modern StreetView).

Photographer: Robert French

Lawrence Photograph Collection

Date: Catalogue range c.1865-1914. Perhaps before c.1882 (railway)

NLI Ref: L_CAB_00434

You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at


Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
Views: 6110
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    • 31/Aug/2017 08:38:35

    It's now called Manderley Castle and belongs to Enya.

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    • 31/Aug/2017 08:39:53

    Streetview SPECCY! -,-6.1119431,2a,75y,186....

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    • 31/Aug/2017 08:41:35

    [] A similar view from behind (and above) the castle.

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    • 31/Aug/2017 08:47:22

    Much more trees nowadays:

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    O Mac

    • 31/Aug/2017 08:49:19

    The present Killiney station has yet to be built so photograph taken pre 1882. The line itself from Dalkey to Bray opened on 10 July 1854.

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    • 31/Aug/2017 09:03:15

    There is a later photo which shows more trees, doubled rail line, smart people posing outside the front door, etc. Fascinating to compare -

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 31/Aug/2017 09:58:18

    Castle is from 1841 per the DIA

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    • 31/Aug/2017 11:45:23

    Eeek! Look what nearly happened here in the early 1870s ...

    Proposed Royal Residence in Ireland.— It is stated that, in accordance with a desire expressed by the Queen, special sketches are being prepared for her Majesty of Killiney Hill, Ireland, which, with the castle [Killiney, not this one Victoria?], will be sold next March [1872] in the Landed Estates Court. The impression is very strong in certain quarters that the beautiful hill will be purchased on behalf of the Queen for the purpose of establishing a Royal residence there.
    From -

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    John Spooner

    • 31/Aug/2017 12:47:15

    Adultery Klaxon divorce London Times May 21, 1897

  • profile


    • 31/Aug/2017 13:01:28

    That's some view.

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 31/Aug/2017 16:17:43

    Beatrice Peacooke in Killiney in 1901 census, appears to have moved back into her parents house castle. 23 windows to the front, 27 rooms between 9 persons, including a cook, kitchen maid, parlour maid and 2 housemaids. No butler? No valet? What was the world coming to?

  • profile


    • 31/Aug/2017 16:55:07

    [] If I learned anything from Downton Abbey (and I didn't) it was that more senior staff (butler, valet, etc) might live "out" of the main house. So, the elder Lloyd's "man" could well be "living out". Interesting though that, despite the twice-reading of the Bill, and moving home, Beatrice is still recorded as married in the census...

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    • 31/Aug/2017 21:18:04

    Even before the eucalyptus trees were planted!

  • profile

    Niall McAuley

    • 01/Sep/2017 09:17:48

    [[email protected]] Oooh, a butler hunt! There are 3 bulters (and one retired) in Killiney. Patrick Barry lives with his own family, but apparently as a household within the home of Mary Cummins, a 1st class house with 18 windows to the front. George Gaskins is Butler in the household of Edward Lister Kay Tallot, a 12 windower. John Corbett lives in the home of Frederick and Charlotte Wrench, a 14 windower. So if the castle has a butler, he is commuting from outside Killiney!

  • profile

    Bernard Healy

    • 02/Sep/2017 15:39:48

    Not a butler, but in one of the two other residences on Victoria Road is a Thomas Manweiler who described himself as a 'Coachman/Domestic Servant'. An unusual name for a Roman Catholic man born in Wicklow! There are only 6 Manweilers in Ireland in the 1901 Census - this family and a husband and wife living in Wicklow. You'd have to imagine a family origin in Germany a generation or two back.

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    • 02/Sep/2017 22:16:27

    There are a couple of interesting reverse views in the NLI catalogue, from the older (pre 1882) single track railway station, and the newer double track station further south. Both show how sparse the vegetation was on the hill and castle ...

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    • 02/Sep/2017 22:29:58

    Mr French / Lawrence must have adored this view and photographed it many times. Here are the ones I have found so far, arranged chronologically by the state of the ivy on the castle walls (!) ... stereo pair ditto this photo still single rail with the smart folk 1882+ There may be others not listed as "Killiney" yet in the catalogue. It is a lot like a 19th century time lapse; somebody clever might be able to make it into a .gif thingy. Edit - I think nos. 2, 3 and 4 in the list above were taken on the same day, due to the haystacks in the field centre frame.

  • profile


    • 05/Oct/2017 11:16:23

    [[email protected]] I was about to mention that you can see the now eroded railway line along Shankill. Amazing how much it has changed.