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Where: Unknown

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When: 03 July 1933

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A strange one today from the Mason Collection. It is obviously a type of "selfie" of our Mr Mason. I wonder what the headline "Zoo's" New Arrival refers to? Our catalogue date is ca. 1890-1910 which is obviously wrong!

As with our other recent Mason photo (in which the text didn't match the photo), it seems that we may have the same thing here. Perhaps Mr. Mason just liked the "joke" of his image being associated with another headline :)

While the headline above deals with an unrelated (though interesting) story from July 1933, the caption below (and Carol Maddock) confirm that this image was taken during a lecture on "Archaeology in Ireland", at a meeting of the Dublin Rotary Club, in the Metropole Restaurant (O'Connell Street) on 3 July 1933. Apparently he covered the growth in finds of bronze age artefacts with the draining of bogs and cutting of turf which was becoming more industrialised at the time (the Turf Development Board, precursor to Bord na Móna, was formed in the same year)...

Photographer: Thomas H. Mason

Collection: Mason Photographic Collection

Date: 3 July 1933

NLI Ref: M20/29/10

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 01/Feb/2019 09:54:11

    The New Arrivals were: Coypu rats, each of which is as big as a full-grown cat. A very rare Malayan monitor and "Lincoln Murphy" a new baby kangeroo. There are pictures of all three too.

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 01/Feb/2019 09:56:58 Well done Sharon, what a name for the Kangaroo!! Don't like the sound of Coypu Rats!

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 01/Feb/2019 09:59:31 I would say that Mason had great fun showing that photo to friends and family with its well centered if confusing headline!

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    • 01/Feb/2019 10:19:22

    Some interesting background to Thomas Holmes Mason (1877-1958) -

    "... Thomas Mason's son, Thomas Holmes, was born in 1877. The grandfather of today's company chairman, Thomas H was a remarkable man. He worked alongside his father in the company until the latter's death in 1913, at which point the company was called Thomas H Mason. Stan explains how the company, under his grandfather's direction, made a "dramatic move with the technology of the time". "In the late 1890s he introduced photography to the business in the form of picture postcards. We went on to become the biggest producer of picture postcards in Ireland, right up until the 1940s, when the price of silver, a major component in developing solutions, rocketed because of the war." He takes a book from a glass case - Thomas H Mason's book The Islands of Ireland, published 1936. "My grandfather was interested in archaeology, ornithology, historical sites on the islands off Ireland, interests which brought him all over the country with his full-plate camera. He built up a huge and very fine collection of pictures which, unfortunately, were destroyed by fire in 1963. There's a vast collection of his picture postcards in the Civic Museum, however." ... ... "
    From - (2003)

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    Carol Maddock

    • 01/Feb/2019 10:30:41

    From the Irish Press on Tuesday, 4 July 1933...

    TURF PLAN'S VALUE TO ARCHAEOLOGISTS ROTARY LECTURE That the Government's turf scheme should result in the discovery of articles of archaeological value, was claimed by Mr. T. H. Mason, M.R.I.A., in the course of a lecture on "Archaeology in Ireland", at the weekly meeting of the Dublin Rotary Club, in the Metropole Restaurant, yesterday [Monday, 3 July 1933]. Those engaged in the work of drainage of the bogs and of cutting turf should at once report to the National Museum, Dublin, or to the local Gardaí Síochána any structure or objects, however small, of artificial nature, which they discovered in the course of their work... He believed that the number of bronze age finds during the next ten years would far exceed the discoveries of the past 30 or 40 years...
    And given current news, it's not just bogs hiding bronze age finds.

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    • 01/Feb/2019 10:50:51

    has to date to at least the early 1930s. hard to be more specific....

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    • 01/Feb/2019 13:24:43

    [] The coypu rats are also called nutria, and actually are kind of cute, once you leave off the rat part

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    • 01/Feb/2019 14:56:39

    Can you post these? Miss Malcomson and horse graphic by A. H. Poole Studio Photographer. Published / Created: between ca. 1901 and 1954 In collection: The Poole Photographic Collection Subjects: “...Horses -- 1900-1960 -- lctgm...” Photo Miss Malcomson on horse graphic Published / Created: 1901 Jan. 07. Subjects: “...Horses -- Ireland -- Waterford -- 1900-1910 -- lctgm...” Photo

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    • 01/Feb/2019 14:59:57

    A better quality of horse Marquis of Waterford on horse graphic Published / Created: 1901 Subjects: “...Horses -- Ireland -- Waterford -- 1900-1910 -- lctgm...” Photo

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 01/Feb/2019 21:59:28 I will have a look

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    National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    • 02/Feb/2019 10:41:00 Miss Malcomson and horse graphic is requested, the second one is not available.