Amazing Grace – with a bit of dodge and burn?

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Where: Unknown

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When: 18 August 1943

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A lovely, happy wedding group this morning from the Poole Photographic Collection. Commissioned by Mr. H. A. Grace of 108 Ballyruckle (Ballytruckle?), Waterford. There appears to have been quite a bit of manipulation of the image to improve or otherwise alter it!

+++ UPDATE +++
Gorgeous information on this lovely wedding photo. We knew that Mr Grace of 108 Ballytruckle, Waterford ordered it, and that it was taken on 18 August 1943. Thanks be to all the digitised family history records now available, we got to vigorously ring our People Identified bell.

This photograph marked the wedding of Edward Grace and Ellen Angela Power, who got married on Wednesday, 18 August 1943 in St. John's church, Waterford. Edward Grace was a fitter of 42 Lower Yellow Road. We have no occupation for Ellen Angela Power, but she lived at 108 Ballytruckle, Waterford. The witnesses were William Grace (left of groom) and Josephine Power (right of bride).

Photographer: A. H. Poole

Collection: Poole Photographic Collection, Waterford

Date: Wednesday, 18 August 1943


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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 03/Nov/2020 08:43:55

    Here's the marriage record for Edward Grace and Ellen Angela Power on 18th August 1943 in St. John's Church in Waterford.

  • profile


    • 03/Nov/2020 08:44:50

    18 August 1943 was a Wednesday . . .

  • profile


    • 03/Nov/2020 08:57:11

    Are they in the wrong aspect ratio or are they all just short?

  • profile


    • 03/Nov/2020 09:19:16

    Whomever scanned the plate was a little shy with the duster!!

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    • 03/Nov/2020 09:19:51

    Here is Ellen with her family in the 1911 Census (where she is called Angela), and her birth record.

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    • 03/Nov/2020 09:42:40[email protected] No, pic seems to have same proportions as original 17 x 22 plate PS They look a little shortened, some effect due to using an inappropriate lens?

  • profile


    • 03/Nov/2020 12:21:34

     Outstanding ;-)

  • profile

    Bernard Healy

    • 03/Nov/2020 17:08:02

    These would seem likely candidates for to be the parents of the groom - And here's his birth cert from 1911:

  • profile


    • 03/Nov/2020 17:40:28

    Nice one, I grew up in 107 Ballytruckle which was later changed to 3 Pearn’s Cottages.

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    • 03/Nov/2020 17:59:00

    The third house from the left of the photo would have been 108 Ballytruckle. Our house, 107 Ballytruckle(now 3 Pearn's Cottages), is fourth from the left with my dad's Ford Prefect parked in front. Pearn's Cottages Waterford

  • profile

    Carol Maddock

    • 03/Nov/2020 18:34:35[email protected]/ That is gas, Paul!

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    • 03/Nov/2020 18:40:31[email protected] There were two sisters by the name of Power living in 108 when we moved there in the early 1960's, possibly sisters of the bride I'd say. I was only around 3 at the time but I remember them giving me sweets and cake and also their black cat called Ming.

  • profile

    Carol Maddock

    • 03/Nov/2020 19:54:37[email protected]/ Lovely! No matter how young, you always remember neighbours who give you goodies! :)

  • profile

    Liam Cheasty

    • 05/Nov/2020 14:49:19

    Ballytruckle and Ballygunner are both areas outside of the city walls of Waterford City. Trocail and Gunnar were both Vikings who were ousted from the city after the Norman Invasion of 1170, the areas they settled in were then called Ballytruckle and Ballygunner. Baile Throcail and Baile Mhic Gunnar.