The Wild Geese in Cremona

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Where: Lombardy, Provincia di Cremona, Italy

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When: Unknown

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This glass lantern slide image of the members of the Irish Brigade doing their thing in Cremona from the Mason Collection is something a little different. Nearby where I live an old house is called "Cremona Lodge" and appears to have been taken over by someone with French connections. They have erected a plaque on a gate celebrating the Irish soldiers of the Irish Brigade and the Napoleonic Irish Legion. An interesting story no doubt?

Photographer: Thomas H. Mason

Collection: Mason Photographic Collection

Date: 1890 - 1910

NLI Ref: M46/33

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Owner: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Source: Flickr Commons
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    • 14/Apr/2022 09:04:19

    "But muskets and shirts are the clothes of the rest."

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    Bernard Healy

    • 14/Apr/2022 09:41:47

    Not Napoleonic, but about a century earlier. The Austrians & the French were fighting in what is now Northern Italy as part of the War of the Spanish Succession & an Irish contingent of about 600 men lost over half their number in defending the French-held town of Cremona against an Austrian sneak-attack.

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    Niall McAuley

    • 14/Apr/2022 09:44:48

    The battle of Cremona, 1702, on wikipedia. Cremona on Google maps.

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    • 14/Apr/2022 16:31:00

    giment, Irish Brigade of France Homesick, sad, and weary, Heartsick, hungry, dreary, (Shout, boys, Erin's the renown!) O'Brien, Burke, and Tracy, MacMahon, Dillon, Lacy, We watch the town. Prince Eugene has your town!" "Are ye mad, or in a trance? Waken, gentlemen of France!" (Shout, boys, Erin's the renown!) "See your lilied flags are flapping, And your Marshal is caught napping In Cremona town." Again and yet again, Though the third of us are slain, (Shout boys, Erin's the renown!) Though Sieur Villeroi is taken, And the lilied flags are shaken, Till our tardy comrades waken, We keep the town.* Back to back, and face to face, Wrest from fate this night's disgrace (Shout, boys, Erin's the renown!) Ere the sun rose from its bed Or that livid dawn grew red Every German spear had fled From Cremona town. So failed Eugene's advance, So failed all foes of France! (Shout, boys, Erin's the renown!) Let her praises still resound, And while the world goes round, To their praise too redound, Who stood the victors crowned In Cremona town.* * 'Cremona' by Emily Lawless

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    • 14/Apr/2022 21:13:24

    Buenas fotos antiguas .

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    • 21/Apr/2022 08:11:51 This is the gate to Cremona Lodge on the Forest Road in Swords that Morning Mary referred to above.

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    • 21/Apr/2022 08:13:55 The plaque in the centre, in French, has the following text translated in my beginners French. CREMONA Rendevous Hommage to the Irish Legion of the Grande Armee (Napoleonic) and The Irish Brigade of the Ancient Regime (Royalist) It adds a little bit of colour and remembrance to what would otherwise be a dull gateway! As Bernard Healy, rightly, pointed out the events at Cremona predated the Napoleonic era by some time!