Allied airfield crew working on Lockheed P-38 fighter planes, New Guinea, c. 1944

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Where: Unknown

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When: 01 January 1943

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Allied airfield crew working on Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter planes, New Guinea, c. 1944 PXA PXA 644


Owner: State Library of NSW
Source: Flickr Commons
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    covid convict

    • 11/Jul/2022 03:15:12

    I suspect these guys might be working on the motors from a Lockheed P-38 Lightning...the Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk/Warhawk had a very different air intake, etc...I'm guessing, but I suspect they're USAAF rather than RAAF...possibly the 49th Fighter Group...someone who knows about their operational history might be able to confirm this or add info re a possible location...they were briefly at Darwin in 1942... Pic 25 of this series shows a row of P-38's lined up...if you zoom in you can see the match-ups... - couple of P-40's you can see, they're a different animal...

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    • 11/Jul/2022 03:29:56

    🔥 😮 ~~

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    State Library of NSW

    • 11/Jul/2022 05:02:11 I'll update with a ? on the P-38s for the moment. Thanks for helping out.

  • profile

    Blue Mountains Library, Local Studies

    • 12/Jul/2022 02:26:32

    Nice detail of a P-38 that looks like a good match - And see main article - I tend to agree with 'covid convict', the US 49th Fighter Group were equiped with the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk while stationed in Australia before moving to New Guinea in Oct 1942. In September 1944, the group was re-equipped completely with Lockheed P-38 Lightning aircraft, providing a possible date for the photo, and following the same train of thought, the location is likely to be Port Moresby. Although only a month later they were located to the Philippines - The other observation that may support covid convict's USAF ID is the head gear, Aussie aircraftsmen would probably be wearing the standard issue slouch hat not a baseball cap.

  • profile

    State Library of NSW

    • 12/Jul/2022 03:09:05

    All looks plausible - I will update the entry and thanks for the links.

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    Blue Mountains Library, Local Studies

    • 12/Jul/2022 03:38:55 And the trees in the background? Gum trees? Nah

  • profile

    Sebastian Zdyb

    • 12/Jul/2022 04:07:57

    Congrats on Explore!!!

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    • 12/Jul/2022 04:15:18

    Congrats on Explore! ⭐ July 11, 2022

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    • 12/Jul/2022 04:48:00

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    • 12/Jul/2022 05:50:42

    Nice Capture! Congratulations On Explore!

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    Pete Tillman

    • 12/Jul/2022 07:37:40

    Congrats on Explore! Nice historical photo.

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    *Capture the Moment*

    • 12/Jul/2022 13:57:14

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    grand Yann

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    -JRL- Photo's

    • 12/Jul/2022 23:46:21

    Wonderful image. Congrats on Explore.

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    • 13/Jul/2022 00:04:52

    Congrats on Explore. Nice image.

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    Blue Mountains Library, Local Studies

    • 13/Jul/2022 00:48:52

    That went well!

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    State Library of NSW

    • 17/Jul/2022 00:41:13 👍