Backyard, Clovelly, Sydney, 1952, by Milton Kent

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Scones and beer in the backyard, bed & breakfast series, Clovelly, Sydney, 1 May 1952, by Milton Kent


Owner: State Library of NSW
Source: Flickr Commons
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  • profile

    JC Merriman

    • 25/Oct/2023 01:20:38

    Followed by a push around of the shiny new lawnmower!

  • profile

    covid convict

    • 25/Oct/2023 11:07:51 - Pix, 12th July, 1952... Pix's caption: 'IN WARM SUN, lodgers loll on grass in backyard, entertain their girl-friends. Here housekeeper suggests a turn on the lawnmower, but there are no takers for the job' I suspect the location might have been the boarding house run by showbiz personalities Bobby Limb and Jack Neary, which was evidently in Eastbourne Ave, at Clovelly, in Sydney...pic No. 7 in this series appears to have been taken at Eastbourne you can see, Bobby Limb and his wife to be Dawn Lake feature in this backyard pic...I think Jack Neary is also there (on the rhs, partly obscured by Bobby Limb)...just going on the caption accompanying one of the other pics in the Pix article, the chap in the colourful cardigan on the lhs might be singer Johnny O'Connor... Per the Pix article, band leader Bob Gibson was also then an inmate at Limb and Neary's establishment...he features in pic 18, and possibly other pics as well. Just going on the names on the drinks list that appears in pic 15, I'd say pianist Bob 'Beetles' Young might have also been an inmate...Young was then pianist in Limb's band...and I suspect he might be the chap in the middle lying on the grass... Apart from Dawn Lake, I haven't managed to identify the other women who appear in the pics in this series...singer Nola Lester is one 'possible'...she worked with Bobby Limb's band at various points in the early 1950s...and she married Johnny O'Connor in guess is there might still people alive who'd be able to identify them... I hate to state the obvious...but I don't think this was quite your average 1950s Sydney boarding house... - good pic of Bob Young in Bruce Johnson's obit for John Bamford (see second page)