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Where: Blantyre, Malawi

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When: Unknown

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Description: Quarters of The Gardener And Carpenter At Blantyre. Formerly Occupied By The Late Capt Foot R.N. Km`S Church.

Location: Blantyre

Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/108

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Owner: The National Archives UK
Source: Flickr Commons
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  • profile

    Erica Fotokosa

    • 10/Feb/2011 21:08:42

    Captain Foot was the first British resident official appointed 'Consul in the districts adjacent to Lake Nyassa' in October 1883. Therefore its likely that the Description should transcribe as Quarters of The Gardeners And Carpenter at Blantyre. Formerly occupied by the late Capt. Foot (not too sure how ranks were written could it have been BV or N? then) H M's Consul. H M's Consul rather than Km's church

  • profile


    • 11/Feb/2011 21:50:38

    Erica, it's RN (Royal Navy) (PS I wonder if you also have Lakeside Pioneers, the socio-medical study)

  • profile

    mike bamford

    • 12/Feb/2011 17:55:44

    I think all the photos with the caption in black ink were taken by Judge Nunan.

  • profile

    mike bamford

    • 15/Feb/2011 10:16:34

    Sorry: they are not Judge Nunan's photos but those of Consul Albert Hawes whose album was kept at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. Hawes was Consul to the districts adjacent to Lake Nyasa from 1885 - 1887. Many of his photos were taken when accompanying Joseph Thomas Last of the RGS on a journey from Blantyre to Angoni land in 1886. Hawes died in Asia in 1897.

  • profile


    • 07/Mar/2011 00:37:55 Thanks sinyala2 - It's been fun looking through the National Archives photo's - Its dashed difficult to read those old copperplate scripts and I know nothing about ranks military or naval - so grateful for your input! I have access to Gelfand's work - if you have a copy for sale do let me know. Ta